ist im November back in Town.
Frankfurt wir haben uns einen echten Knaller für dieses spezielle Date ausgedacht. David Gtronic und Chad Andrew sind am Start und das mit einem 4h Stunden b2b Set, es wird also richtig rund gehen.
Als dritten Gast haben wir Felipe Bravo aus Ibiza verpflichten können, der mit unserem Geburtstagskind Biagio Sibilla am Ende zusammen so richtig die Hütte abreisen werden.
Das ganze aufwärmen wird TNA und Samuri, die beiden Mana Boys dürfen natürlich nicht fehlen bei dem groovigen Stelldichein.

Line up:
David Gtronic [Vatos Locos Suara Capadi Rebels]
Chad Andrew [Vatos Locos Moan Capadi Rebels]
Felipe Bravo [Unknown Milano Kina Music Capadi Rebels]
Biagio Sibilla [MANA EMBI]
Samuri [MANA EMBI]

Location: OFF YARD
Adresse: Am Städelshof 8 - 60311 Frankfurt am Main

MANA Event Capadi Rebels
The third Sputnik continues our musical journey through the different sub-genres of techno. With Delta Funktionen we are presenting the next virtuos producer who's sound guarantees a blazing rave.

Delta Funktionen is an artist driven by stories and concepts. Using technical skill and a well informed background - in part thanks to his time working in a Leeuwarden record shop - he calls on techno, electro, house and ghetto sounds to conjure up musical mind movies that really take you somewhere.

For that reason, he is a regular all over Europe, the States, the Far East and Australia at esteemed clubs like Concrete, Tresor and Fabric. After formerly being a resident at Trouw and Shelter, he now has his residency at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL).

Delta Funktionen will be supported by SamiHugo from our friends from Club Interiör who will warm us up properly, Gianluca our favorite music nerd and host of Balter and our friend, OSKAR. who usually torches down the PAL in Hamburg.


Delta Funktionen
(Delsin Records Berlin)

(PAL Hamburg)

(Club Interiör Frankfurt)

(Balter Frankfurt)

- zwölf -
REDUX series is going into the second round and we are glad to have Ben Rau in Frankfurt for an extraordinary night at OFF YARD.

Ben spent many years on dancefloors back home in Germany and in the UK.
As time went on he became more involved behind the scenes, progressing from the dancefloor to the decks and into the studio.
Having a solid grounding in club culture from such a grassroots level means Ben's connection with the dancefloor runs deep, likewise his studio endeavours are aimed squarely at those who dedicate their time to dancing the night away.

In 2016 Ben took charge of his destiny, setting his focus on his self-release imprint Inkal and sister label Meta.
Both labels continue to grow in stature with every release, topping record shop charts and resulting in multiple represses for each offering.
Ben continues to build his reputation in the studio as a producer to watch out for and as a DJ equally at home in the club and bigger stages.

As usual our residents Lescano & Schulzus will do the support.

Klub Liebe Studio III - Season 2019/20



Juan Manuel / Artist Page Confusing.Sounds, truelovesounds
Rossi - DJ PIV, No Art
Derrick Drakeford BE9
Max Reggiannini Always on the run, OFF YARD
Olsen X Klub Liebe Studio

Artwork by Simon Rossow Klub Liebe Studio

With the last Event of the this year, we wanted to get the heat on. After the first two events with ANOTR. and TOMAN, we have invited two Power House Fellas to Frankfurt. We are happy to have Derrick Drakeford from Mannheim, who is coming in the name of the infamous BE9-Gang and Youngster Rossi. from the UK! Frankfurt will be presented by Power Gun Juan Manuel, Max Reggiannini and Olsen X. Be prepared for some ultimate all over you Body feeling.


Juan Manual is a producer and DJ from Frankfurt that the whole City knows. Is famous for the sickest tracks played by him at the event series Electric Grooves, Home Run Open Air, Buntes Treiben or when he plays at our events, where he is often as guest. Also his productions are bursting out! He know what the Crowd wants and love. More will come from him next year, but we'll not tell you more. Something new will come very soon...

For more Sound, check out Juan Manuels Soundcloud:


Rossi. is an exiting young producer, who is making a name for himself with his new fresh cut sounds.

‘Rossi.’s sets are inspired by the ever-growing ‘minimal groove scene’, in Europe. He plays music with the aim of lifting a crowd, his sets will feature lots of cuts, hats and percussion which is stripped down on-top of jazzy and soulful basslines.
Musically he is inspired by the sounds of Archie Hamilton, Rossko, Djebali, Michael James, YYY Distributions and many more…
In his first two years he made paved his way into the London club scene, playing gigs at Ministry Of Sound, Cargo, Lightbox, Basing House and Proud on a regular basis.
Now three years later, he plays as a resident for F0RMS @ Fabric and has played famous parties such as ABODE, Solid Grooves, Zoo Project, Dawn and many more. Supporting the likes of East End Dubs, WAff, Andrea Oliva, Michael Bibi, Pawsa, Alex Arnout, Solardo, Denny, Camelphat.
He made his debut at Studio 338 in 2017, and has returned to the club numerous times since then, most notably playing for The Zoo Project and Sankeys LDN on the famous terrace.

More Rossi. Sound you'll find here:


Derrick Drakeford is a member of the internationally well known Gang BE9 - which includes Artists, Labels and the infamous Club Parker Lewis in Mannheim.

In the 90s Derrick Drakeford found his passion for electronical music, which finally leads to his exclusive vinyl collection and the initiation to start vinyl mixing. After his first steps at Zimmer and Loft club, he became resident of Parker Lewis and could play alongside Djs like Molly, Djebali, Evan Baggs, Dan Ghenacia Moreover he successfully invented his party “Laissez Affaire” at Parker Lewis. Derricks style is inspired by Detroit,- French,- and UK House. His style can be described as 90s House with a modern twist enhanced with breakbeats and UK Garage.

Find more ofDerricks Sound here:


Max Reggiannini is one of the masterminds behind the "Always on the run" events, organizing big events in Hotels, old Villas, Parking lots and where ever you can imagine. His Sound is a mix between Minimalistic Dub Techno and refreshing House. So as well ist the Sound of Olsen X.

Olsen X aka Oliver Hundemer is one of the Founder of the event series and artcollective Klub Liebe Studio. SInce over 5 years he invites underdog DJs to Frankfurt and Offenbach and loves to to organize events in Off Location and Locations that are actually something else. Also he is collecting music in Form of Vinyls and even CDs. "Coming together with Max R. is like when just one person would play. It's a good fit."

Be part of our Studio.

Admission: From 18years / 12€
Commitment until 5th December: 8€ until 2pm, after 2pm 12€

Klub Liebe Studio

13.12.2019 OFF YARD 23:59 2 Floors

Main floor

John Dimas (raum...musik. Elephant Moon)
Francesco Galea (Scambas Sounds Like)
Markus Ott (ACUM X Scambas)

Second floor

Richard Oberscheven (Scambas)

visuals: ORA (Scambas)
artwork: Franck D. (MOTION)

John Dimas

Berlin based John Dimas has established himself as a highly respected DJ in minimal house circles, acknowledged for the diversity in his selections and deep knowledge of music; scattered within all Dimas sets are various obscure cuts that even the most avid music fans are yet to discover. “I like peaks and troughs, and giving lots of different dynamics to keep things interesting,” he says. “I don’t like to be predictable with the records I play and love surprising the crowd.” Recent years have seen him perform at DC10 Ibiza and Amnesia Ibiza, New York’s ReSolute Paris’ Rex Club, Bucharest’s Club Guesthouse (alongside Ricardo Villalobos and Raresh) and all across Berlin, including Club der Visionaere "official", Hoppetosse and Watergate Club.

Important, too, is Dimas’ production work. He began experimenting with production in 2007 and incorporates lots of edits into his sets. His 2018 XLR8R podcast consists only of these. On a release front, he’s maintained a steady output since his 2010 debut, pushing a playful minimal-house sound with intricate drum patterns and wonky basslines. Of all his releases, it’s 2016’s Raum...musik debut, Multiverse, and 2017’s Telexistence via Raresh’s Metereze ‎that stand out. In joining the likes of Dubtil, Melodie, and Barac, Dimas became the first non-Romanian to appear on the label. In an aesthetic that’s long been overly saturated, Dimas has found a voice all of his own.

-Resident Advisor



Jessko was raised musically and has always had affection for vinyl records. She is open to every genre because she believes that that we never know which connection we can find in a track. She found her love for the music when she listened and when she followed her instincs. She strongly believes that through music we can grow as a human being and develop our creativity. That being said she is ready to warm up the night and send you on an accoustical journey.


Markus Ott b2b Francesco Galea

These two Scambas boys know each other by heart. Individually they have a totally different approach to their music, but together they create a very special sound which is not defined or limited by genres. Fasten your seatbells for this set.


Second floor

On the second floor Máté and professional dancer Richard Oberscheven will share the booth. You can expect some groovy and funky records which will cook up the dancefloor.



Vergangene Events: