29.11.2019, 23:00

OFF YARD - Sputnik w/ Delta Funktionen

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The third Sputnik continues our musical journey through the different sub-genres of techno. With Delta Funktionen we are presenting the next virtuos producer who's sound guarantees a blazing rave.

Delta Funktionen is an artist driven by stories and concepts. Using technical skill and a well informed background - in part thanks to his time working in a Leeuwarden record shop - he calls on techno, electro, house and ghetto sounds to conjure up musical mind movies that really take you somewhere.

For that reason, he is a regular all over Europe, the States, the Far East and Australia at esteemed clubs like Concrete, Tresor and Fabric. After formerly being a resident at Trouw and Shelter, he now has his residency at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL).

Delta Funktionen will be supported by SamiHugo from our friends from Club Interiör who will warm us up properly, Gianluca our favorite music nerd and host of Balter and our friend, OSKAR. who usually torches down the PAL in Hamburg.


Delta Funktionen
(Delsin Records Berlin)

(PAL Hamburg)

(Club Interiör Frankfurt)

(Balter Frankfurt)

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