14.12.2018, 23:55

Ulysses - Ulysses pres. Skudge LIVE

Flyer für: Ulysses - Ulysses pres. Skudge LIVE
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U L Y S S E S pres.
Skudge LIVE [Skudge Records Stockholm]
Cloak [VOID, Rebis]
Plague [RAVEBOTTA, Tanzhaus West]
Lukas Noire [Ulysses, Maison Noire]

Café Floor hosted by Balter:
Philipp Boss [Einfach Hören, Sturo, La Peña Records]
Gianluca [Balter]

Machines do speak a language understood and appreciated by humans. Measured by the success of Skudge, an artistic duo that has delivered a lot in a very short time. Combining their inspiration and talent through wires and analogue equipment, they seem to always present something new - in a very faithful style.
What remains most significant on their output through the main label Skudge Records, as well as their remix material present on a row of different labels, it must be their exceptional sense of loops and unexpected detail in their productions.

Expect them to do what they do best - their own music on their own terms, meaning that wherever their journey brings to us and them, it will always be very tasteful.

BC.: https://skudge.bandcamp.com/
IG.: https://www.instagram.com/skudge_elias_landberg/

Artwork by Katharina Mährlen

Maison Noire
Dora Brilliant
Tanzhaus West