31.05.2019, 23:00

TechNoir Frankfurt - SPACE

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SPACE is a retro futuristic themed party series focused in Synthwave, Retrowave, Cold Wave, Synthdisco, Cosmic Disco, Italo Disco, Dark Disco, Hi-NRG, EBM & whatnot!


Justine (Relish Recordings)
Jacob Lauer (Live At Robert Johnson)
Celestino (SXDNS)

Justine is a French producer and vocalist currently based in Mexico City. Her solo music production is mostly influenced by new wave, cold wave, industrial, post punk and 80s music. She is a resident DJ of MN Roy and Normandie (Dynamics Wave), clubs based in Mexico City.

Her latest solo work is a cover verion of Siouxsie and The banshees, part of the Relish REPVII compilation and has been supported by Andrew Weatherall, Perel, Rodion, and others. Her 2 first solo EPs „She’s a Freak” and „I don’t Care” were signed by the British label Nein Records and got remixed by Egyptian Lover, Scott Fraser and Sutja Gutierrez.

She recently started a monthly contribution called „Wave Baby Wave” for the Parisian Radio Belleville.

Justine also has also a side project: „Bagarre Perdue”, an electronic post-punk band, in which she’s the lead singer, working along with FLVN, Jordi (089) and Luce. Last year they self released their first EP „Combat avant Garde”. They also were part of the 4th compilation of Ombra International with their track „Cowboy”, supported by Marvin & Guy, Perel and others.

She was part of Permanent Wave band formed with Tronik Youth, where they worked side to side for 2 years on wavy productions. Their project took an end last year with their ultimate EP „Last Wave” released on Nein Records.

When Justine is not working on her solo productions or with her bands, she writes lyrics and lends her voice for collaborations with music producers like Heretic, Eskimo Twins, Monoblock & PSLKTR, Robi Insinna, Mode in Gliany, among others. She will be featured on the upcoming track of Younger Than Me, to be released this year.