24.01.2020, 23:55

Disco Zwei - House Cats w/ Shan & Phonk D

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24.01.2020 // House Cats

- Shan (Running Back)
- Phonk D (Footjob)

Based near Frankfurt Shan might have already been a familiar face amidst the locals, however, his international presence is most certainly on the rise. The producer is perhaps best known for his interaction with Gerd Janson's Running Back imprint on which he has released a string of EP's and collaborated. He has worked closely with Tuff City Kids and has further released on the likes of Footjob, Beats In Space, Edhid and The Healing Company. His dynamic take on house music is progressive yet draws upon formative roots within the genre, a fiercely talented disc jockey he is very much in demand.

In the early 90s electronic music grabbed hold of Phonk D. After many nights at clubs in Frankfurt, hundreds of kilograms of collected vinyls, countless DJ-gigs and a remarkable journey into Hip Hop as a producer, the Darmstadt resident founded his label Footjob in 2014. The Footjob sound is somewhere between deep, disco and classic house and finds the approval of well-known scene-heads. Following various releases on Footjob, Phonk D also appears on labels like Salsoul, Glitterbox, Nite Grooves, NDYD, Tilly Jam etc. With his event series „Diggin’ in the Crates“ at the Darmstadt-based Weststadtcafé he follows his passion for pushing tunes appealing to him since he took his first steps into the world of music.



Near disco dawn
Boogie crowds the floor
Rockin' all the way
Hot 'til break of day
Since midnight's fall I've been in a sweat
Groovin' steppin' high
Prancin' side to side
Crowds all round
Rhythm's tight and drivin'
Disco sound takes me higher
Dancin's total freedom
Be yourself and choose your feelin'
Come on get up I want to see ya swingin' swayin'
Fancy slidin'glidin' rockin' reelin'
Come on get up ev'rybody dance
Cookin' on my feet in the disco heat
Hustlin' through the night
Mornin' light shines on me again
Music takes me dance dance
Rhythm's tight and drivin' high, high, higher
Get on the hook
'Cause dancing's total freedom
Be yourself and choose your feelin'
Come on get up I want to see ya swingin'…