09.11.2018, 19:00

breidenbach studios - Vernissage "Void" // Judith Segers


A solo exhibition by Judith Segers

Is the way we live really conscious? Or like a slow moving river, is there a powerful current beneath surface appearances? What is the current influencing our lives, choices, perception? And is it really serving us today?

What are things? Do things really exist? Is the thing you’re seeing what’s really there? Or is what we’re seeing, the thing, a mental projection? If so; What lies behind?

Judith is an artist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has been part of the artists collective in the Breidenbach Studios since February 2018. In her work she explores the concept of void and takes a close look at the way we live our lives today.

All of the works in this exhibition are made from pre-used materials and objects in the thought of creating without harming.

Exhibition from November 9th to 15th
Opening hours:
Saturday & Sunday 14-18 h
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 16-20 h