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MTW Club - Dreamscape january 2023

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A Trip into psychedelic trance, chill and forest

DJ Bim (Y.S.E)

Stefan Ludley (Psylofant)

Zyrus 7 (Blue Tunes)

Kimie (Spin Twist Records)


║░░ Dekoration/Visuals – Mainfloor
Deko by UV-Optics

Visual Mapping by Optikos

║ ░░ ><><><>< Chill & Groove Floor:><><><║

Fractal of Sound


Torby & Sero

Deko by Naktak Decorations

║░░ ॐॐॐ Licht ॐॐॐ

░░ Body Painting

║░░ ॐ Leibliches Wohl ॐ
Chai und Snacks by CaraCol - TanzTee

DJ Bim (Y.S.E)

If you heard Psytrance for the past 20 years you must have encounter Bim along the way. Being a prominent Dj from Germany as well as the founder of the monumental label Medium (later Midijum) Dj Bim has established himself as one of the leading figures in Psychedelic Trance. He has compiled more than 100 compilations for labels such as Millennium, Sony Music, ID&T, Arcade, Time Warner, Universal, Nova Tekk and Beluga. His musical journey began in Goa, therefore, it is no wonder why he prefers long sets that transcends everybody on the dance floor to a different universe, while adding more colours, shades and layers of psychedelica that feels like meditation. This is not about the click-and play artists or djs. Every trip you will be taking with DJ Bim is a new and fresh amalgamation of sounds, feeling and atmosphere of that exact moment. You can never replicate it because it is a new adventure, a new gathering of energies, a onetime experience, a onetime musical journey. But this one time will be the most unforgettable and wild vortex you will ever experience. Are you ready? We are about to begin…


Kimie (Spin Twist Records)

When this lady appears behind the decks, the famous Trance groove of scene hotspot Hamburg shows one of its brightest sides: Having a distinct feeling for the right music at the right moment, Kimie knows exactly how to send her audience from one euphoric climax to the other.

And she does so with good reason. Born and grown up in the North German metropolis of Hamburg, Kimie could be described as pretty much party-experienced. Already in 1999 she was among the core audience on the dance floors of the Hanseatic city as well as at the summer open air festivals. Accordingly she knows very well about these places. And surrounded by lots of creative friends, among them some of the protagonists of the North German producer scene like Alexander Ligowski, Magical, Fabio, Neelix, Galactika or Day.Din, it was only a question of time until Kimie became interested in participating actively in the musical aspects of a party. When she tried her first mixes in 2006, she showed the same enthusiasm and passion like when dancing. This is most probably also the reason why she made considerable progress in no time. An experience she will never forget was the opening of the Trance floor at Fusion Festival 2009.

Beside being a resident at Hamburg’s Juice Club she represents the renowned Progressive label SpinTwist Records at her both national and international gigs since 2009 for example Airbeat One Festival, Halfmoon Festival in Thailand, Indian Spirit, Psychedelic Circus and Fusion Festival in northern Germany.






Stefan Ludley (Psylofant) // FFM

His mother infected him with the „technovirus“, when he was 6 Years old, with good, old Jean-Michelle Jarre Records like Equinox . 1983 he started djing in different Youthclubs . He collected sounds like skinny puppy, front 242, chris and cosey and of course acidhouse . In the early 90 er, when trance and techno where hosted in frankfurt in legendaery clubs like the omen and dorian gray, he was working for the well known records company “ Logic Records” ( Harthouse and Eye Q neighbours) and he had his first club bookings in the “grube “ in sauerland and the secret garden in Limburg. At this time he was the pioneer of the psycedelic trance sound in the rhein-main area. 1995 he started his own parties in the middle of Frankfurt. “ Biology Uk” has been the first “Goa Partys “ in the Town. After this; many Frankfurt Clubs and djs where interessted in Stefans sound and partyconcepts ! He played in famous clubs like dorian gray and XS and played with Famous Djs like carl cox, sven vaeth, laurent Garnier, Alien Project , SkaZI Raja Ram, Simon Posford....; on big raves like Voov Experience, Fusion Festival, Antaris Project, Antiworld Psygat ( london UK), time warp ( 20.000 people) and also allways on small underground partys.He also presented his Style in the famous Radio Show \"HR 3 Clubnight\".
Since 1997, he was member and resident of the nada-brahma party community. They created big open air festivals like “Klangwelten” and “the Elements of Life”.
In 1999 he founded the first Psycedelic Trance record and event label hosted in Frankfurt am Main ( Psylofant )
Untill today “Psylofant” is the first adress to go if you want to have a serious psytrance party in the rhein main area.

The style of DJ Stefan Ludley is always differend and depense a lot on the audience, he is playing for. He is allways prepaired to play a full-on psy set or fluffy morning sounds or what ever the people want to hear: “its not me who is playing, its the audience. I am just the key between them and the Universe “ is stefans meaning about his djing.
As a producer and Remixer, he worked with the following Acts:
**O-Ton** Hagen Kiew**Lava303** Yan ( Gecko )Krassowski** Substance T** 808 Toms**Fünf D**
Wach out the Latest Release on Blue Room Sounds
„Change is Coming“ Fünf D & Stefan Ludley


Zyrus 7 (Bluetunes) // GER
ist ein Quereinsteiger der schon jahrelang auf psy steht, aber erst April 2014 bei seinem Gig im Berliner Kitkat Club die Initialzündung hatte. Seitdem produziert er progressiven psytrance und hat es sich zum Ziel gemacht, die Szene im Rhein Main Gebiet durch seine Dreamscape Events zu bereichern.
Seine Collaboration mit Liquid Soul kam auf Paul Oakenfolds \"Perfecto Fluoro, seine Single \"Reflection\" hatte Premiere auf dem dt. psy label \"Iono\" und seine Collab mit \" ZYCE\" erschien 2017 auf Spintwist. Seit Mai 2018 ist er bei Bluetunes unter Vertrag. Seit Mai 2020 streamt desöfteren unter \"Dreamscape\" auf dem Gamesender \"Twitch\". Ausserdem gibt es Collabs mit Phanatic, Eddie Bitar, Static Movement und demnächst mit Metronome. Sein Zyrus 7 Remix des Oldschool trancetracks \"the oasis\" erreichte bei Spotify bis dato fast 4 Millionen Plays!
Mittlerweile hat er einige grosse Psy festivals hinter sich, besonders sein Gig auf dem World Club Dome, wo er vor BERG und Neelix spielt, blieb in Erinnerung, aber auch 2022 auf der Indian Spirit, als er das Opening Donnerstags startete und den riesigen noch leeren Floor innerhalb seines Sets mit mehreren tausend Psyfans füllte. Das war einfach unglaublich. Im Januar kommt seine nächste Single bei Bluetunes heraus. Und im Sommer wird er wieder bei Indian Spirit dabei sein.

Chill & Groove Floor

Fractal of Sound

Fractal of sound wird euch ein weites spektrum an entspannten grooves liefern . Von arabischen orientalischen dub sounds bis rythmisch shamanischen klängen um euch tief in eine musikalische reise um die welt mitzunehmen.



Die Leidenschaft für die Musik begleitet MaNu schon seit seiner Kindheit. Mit dem Auflegen startete er mit 21 Jahren. Damals experementierte er mit Reggae, Psy-Trance und Techno. Heute widmet er sich eher den langsameren Klängen.
Mit seiner ansteckenden Lebensfreude, die er beim Auflegen authentisch rüberbringt und seiner lockeren Art nimmt er uns mit auf musikalische Reisen rund um die Welt, in längst vergangene Zeiten und manchmal auch ganz outta Space. In den letzten Jahren konnte man ihn auf dem Tropen Tango Festival und so einigen Mach Mal Langsam Events erleben und auch im Schwanheimer Permakulturgarten
ist er ein gern gesehener Freund und Gast.

MaNu ist offen für bookings: [email protected]



DJ Torby & DJ Sero

DJ-Name: dj ToRbY Schon seit gut 18 Jahren ist dj ToRbY in den tiefen Sphären der chilligen und groovigen Sounds unterwegs und entwickelte mit seiner persönlichen Selektion ein angenehmes Klangbild, was er nicht nur in der Radiolandschaft wie bei Radio X (Stadtradio Frankfurt) oder Radio Enno (Bürgerrundfunk Nordhausen) spielte. Auch in diversen Bars in und um Offenbach am Main sowie auf der legendären Open-Air Veranstaltung „Augen- und Ohrenbad“ ließ er ein musikalischen Fußabdruck.

Dekoration by